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Welcome to Habda!

Fencing club Habda organizes fencing courses in epee fencing. Our trainings are in Töölön Kisahalli (Paavo Nurmen kuja 1, 00250 Helsinki).

Juniors and minijuniors (8-17 yrs):

Courses on Mondays 16.30 - 18.00 and Fridays 16.00 - 17.30
 (5 weeks), price 110€.

Next course 9.3.-7.4.2020


Courses on Thursdays 19.00 - 20.30 and Fridays 17.30-19.00
(5 weeks), price 130€

Next course 12.3.-17.4.2020

More info:

The prices include fencing lessons and fencing equipment during course. You will get the bill by e-mail. First training is free.
The basic skills and information about fencing will be repeated many times so it’s ok if you miss one or two lessons.
Take with you a t-shirt, long sports pants and indoor sports shoes. The club Habda will provide you with fencing equipment. It is also recommended to have a bottle of water with you.
The instructor is our chief trainer, Hungarian András Tóth and our experienced fencers. The courses are held mostly in English.
After the course you are welcome to continue training with Habda at Kisahalli.

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