Training and payment information

Training schedule

Children and teenagers guided practice

on Tuesdays 16.00-17.30

on Fridays 16.00-17.30


Adults guided practice

on Tuesdays 17.30-19.00

on Thursdays 17.00-19.00

on Fridays 17.30-19.00


Adults freepractice sessions

on Mondays starts around 18

on Wednesdays 19.00-20.30

on Sundays evenings, discuss about the time with other fencers. At this time you have to pay the entrance ticket to Kisahalli by yourself.


Payment information

You will get the bill in your e-mail in the beginning of the season.

Member fee is 5 €.

Training fees are 95 €/100 € or 295 €/300€ half a year.

The first training payment (95 € or 295 €) you pay includes 5 € member fee so you pay totally 100 € or 300 € for half year trainings.


95 €/100 € You only can participate the freepractice sessions. You can see the freepractice times above.

295 €/300€ You can participate all the guided practice and free fencing sessions.


Training fee for a person who is not a memeber of HABDA ry is 450 €/ half year.

A passive member 100€/ a year


Training fees after the beginner´s course

After the first beginner's course the rest of the season will cost 150 €. After the second beginner's course the rest of the season will cost 75 €. And after the third beginner's course the rest of the season is free.